About FMG

Have Fun, Make Money, Do Good

Since 1995, our founding members and staff have been ahead of the curve, pioneering design trends, online marketing strategies, and new technologies. Our prime directive, in what we bring all of our clients, is that our tools, techniques, and strategies help them to build relationships – and stay engaged with – their customers through the use of social networks and new media.

Our motto at FMG Production is “Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good.” and we live into that during every step of your time working with us:

    From the beginning, we show our commitment to helping you “have fun” – as you build and grow your business, large or small – by creating beautiful, creative, interactive sites (We are a dedicated “NO Website-as-online-placeholder Zone!)

    We’ll deliver field-tested ways to “make money” online by providing proven web, graphic, and publishing designs that look good AND convert as well.

    Then, once we’ve established your effective web presence – that’s successfully monetizing your message – you’ll be in the perfect position to “do good” for others, and yourself, with ease. (We even have a sister charity organization to help you with making a BIG difference out in the world!)

We look forward to the pleasure of helping you have fun, make money, and do good – in the ways that best suit YOU – in your online and offline worlds!

We hope to have the pleasure of helping you find the fun, money and good in your life!

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See you on the InSide!
The Team at FMG Production